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Submersible Pumps Performance Pro

Performance Pro WellSpring  FREESHIPALT

Performance Pro WellSpring

PerformancePro WellSpring is a submersible pump line that is designed for easy in-pond, skimmer, or sump installation. The high quality components and durable construction ensure efficient operation and long term reliability.

  • The impeller is a semi-open design that helps prevent clogging. Water proof cable and seals protect the pump motor.
  • Overload protection helps prevent motor burn out.
  • Stainless Steel and plastic part design protects from corrosion related problems.
  •  The spring loaded mechanical seal meets API regulations and has a life expectancy of over 25,000 hours.
  • A float switch is available for automatic start/stops.
  • A 20 ft. long (16 AWG) cord with a 115 volt plug is standard.
  • 2 year limited warranty
MODEL HP FLA Voltage Max. True Watts Hz. Max. Head Max. Flow
WS1/4-33 1/4 3.5
120 375 60 20ft
3420 gph@1'
WS1/3-44 1/3 4.6
120 538 60 27ft 4800 gph@3'
WS1/2-58 1/2 7.1 120 840 60 36ft. 6420 gph@4'
WS1-66 1 10.1
120 1170 60 46ft. 7260 gph@5'
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
WS1/4-33WellSpring WS1/4-33$326.80 Free Shipping
WS1/3-44WellSpring WS1/3-44$383.80 Free Shipping
WS1/2-58WellSpring WS1/2-58$449.35 Free Shipping
WS1-66WellSpring WS1-66$529.15 Free Shipping
WS1/4-33-FSWellSpring WS1/4-33 with Float Switch$402.33 Free Shipping
WS1/3-44-FSWellSpring WS1/3-44 with Float Switch$460.75 Free Shipping
WS1/2-58-FSWellSpring WS1/2-58 with Float Switch$528.20 Free Shipping
WS1-66-FSWellSpring WS1-66 with Float Switch$610.85 Free Shipping

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